Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Eve

I am very proud that you kept yourself according to the Christmas Special. You did not have sex or touched yourself for the Christmas Holiday, you did not shave and did not use any make-up.

Good girl. I bet you become quite horny. Well we all knew that you are a slut and you have serious urges. Don't worry you are gonna get what you want and deserve. You are gonna have sex with a stranger on New Years Eve.

But first let's try to make you a little sexier. You must have got a few pounds on during the holidays especially if you skipped training. So unfortunately you have to work out twice as much as normally. Use all that sexual frustration to work harder. You muscles had a few days of rest, your body really really needs it, believe me.  I want you to be in pretty good shape in a short time before the new year.

Now that your body hair is a little longer we can use different measures than normally. That's right. It is time for wax. Go to a waxing salon and do a whole body wax.

You must be very pale because it is winter and were covering your hole body. So up next, go tanning.  It should give you some energy and prepare your whole body before New Years Eve. I don't usually ask for regular tanning, just for the very special occasions. And this is it.

Don't leave out going to the hairdresser and the nail salon too. Do everything you can, to regain your beauty. I need you to be perfect.

Show me before and after pics of your makeover.

They say that you are gonna spend the whole next year like how you spent the New Years Eve. And you will become a slut. Bring the best out of yourself. I want you to wear red underwear and classy elegant dress, and go to a New Years Eve party. I want you to find a stranger, someone you have never seen naked before and have dirty sex with him. Bring out all your sexual frustration, give your true self and let your instinct take over. Forget all your troubles and obligations and just live for the moment. Embrace the feeling that you are this horny slut, it feels so natural, it was always in you. This special night you will be the woman you secretly always wanted to be, Enjoy it,

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas special

Christmas is about family. It's time to spend time with the people you love. So we can make some adjustments to your daily routine.

So this time of the year, stop being the slut you really are. I want you to stop having sex or touching yourself during the holidays. Just try not to think about it for a week or two. I know that it is going to be very hard for such a big slut as you are, but you really have to do it.

And since you are not looking for sexual activities, you can let your skin have a rest too. I want you to stop using makeup. You don't need to wear it for your family or friends. You are not even allowed to wear any foundation or lip gloss. Do not go to tanning or use any fake tan.

Also since nobody is going to see you naked, I want you to stop shaving yourself. Not on your legs or armpits. I want you to be all natural  for the time being. You are not going to feel yourself sexy, but that is the whole point.

Furthermore forget about the sexy clothes and low cut dresses. I want you to wear warm jumpers and long trousers. Just be comfortable and forget about your looks. Spend time with the people who does not care about it.

If you did your fitness training properly for the whole year, you can rest now. It is that special time of the year when you don't have to push yourself this way.

Now about your tasks:
Use the time you normally spend on your looks on preparing for Christmas. Cleaning is a virtue of a good girl. Decorate your house and garden properly, create a Christmas atmosphere in your living room with a nice Christmas tree, candles and lights. There is nothing sexy and exciting about Christmas preparation, and that's the point.

You also need to master your cooking skills. At least try to make an effort to be a little more than just a sexdoll. Bake delicious cookies for your family and friends.

So keep yourself busy and just don't think about sex. It is going to worth it if you can keep yourself.

Tell me how you dealt with it at

Friday, June 20, 2014

Midsummer Special

This is not part of the training. It is just a little task to make the midsummer special. You know how I like to make extra arrangements on Holidays and on other certain days.

It is summer and the weather is warm enough to go out to the nature. Your task is to have sex in the wild.

Choose a special partner you like to spend time with and who have not had sex with you yet. Someone whom you can trust. Prepare a bottle of nice wine and some sandwiches and go for a picnic. Go up somewhere where you can see the sunset. It should be a remote place where you can be alone with your partner and you will probably not be disturbed. It can be up on hilltop in the forrest with a good view. You can let him set a camp fire and make a move on you. I want you to have sex completely naked under the sky. Feel the nature around you and have a very wild sex. Let him fuck you like an animal. It is a special day so give him your wildest, slutiest self.

Remember that you are not allowed to have sex with him ever again. You are not allowed to have a boyfriend. You are only a slut. Sluts dont have boyfriends. Nobody wants a girl who have touched more cocks than door handles.

Dont be late to send me the report of your experiences.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exhibition training - Lesson 3

Welcome back. This is lesson three of the “Exhibitionism Training” series.

This series is designed to bring out your inner sexiness by building your body image, comfort and self-confidence.

The lessons are designed to go slowly with weekly assignments and gradual lifestyle changes that will bring out your inner sexiness by building your body image, self-confidence and comfort with exhibitionism. Each week will involve nudity in increasingly public situations, but if you make sure to do the series in order as prescribed then you will never be pushed outside your comfort zone.

If you did not start with lessons one and two, then please go back and complete the Lesson one/two before returning to Lesson Three


Before we start, let's make sure that you’ve done all of your “homework”

1. Are you completely naked and clean-shaven below the waist, and wearing your highest, sexiest strappy heels?

2. Have you kept yourself exactly this way 100% of the time when home alone, including sleeping naked (without the heels, silly)?

3. When you get dressed to go out, have you been leaving your bra and panties at home?

4. When you go to the toilet, do you always strip completely naked before using the facilities?

5. Have you enrolled in fitness and toning classes, and have you attended at least five times each week?

If you can honestly say that you have made all these lifestyle changes, and maintained them consistently for a full week or more, then GOOD GIRL, you are well on your way to releasing your inner sexiness! Please continue to the next phase of your training!

If not, then you should go back and complete Lessons One and Two again, and follow the directions EXACTLY for at least a week until you are comfortable with the changes.

Continue with Lesson Three only if you are ready.


OK then, tell me what it was like to spend a week at home naked. Was it exciting at first, like you were doing something naughty?

What was it like the first time you heard someone come up the walk, or coming in the front door? Did your heart start racing as you scrambled to your room to get dressed so that you wouldn’t get caught? DID you get caught by anyone?

And how did it feel the first time you had to strip completely naked to use a public toilet? Did it excite you when there were strangers in the restroom with you, perhaps only a few feet away as you stripped in the stall, wondering if they could hear you and if they knew what you were doing?

I bet it excited you the first few times you did all of these things, kind of like the long climb up the first hill of a rollercoaster and the rush in the pit of your stomach as you carry on over the top and begin hurtling back down.

This is the feeling you should be looking for at each stage of your exhibitionism training. At each point, you should be looking to push yourself just far enough to get that rush, like on a rollercoaster.

Once an activity no longer gives you that rush, then it’s time to move on to the next lesson.

On the other hand, do NOT attempt the training lessons too quickly.

If you come across any activity that pushes you past your limits at the time, then slow down and continue to repeat the other activities in that lesson, or go back and repeat the previous lesson until the time is right and you are comfortable performing EVERY activity in the lesson, EXACTLY the way you are supposed to.

Now, watch this video, pretending that you are the woman you see, doing the things that she is doing.

Imagine all the men tripping over themselves like little boys in order to get a good look at YOU. Imagine the faces of all the women, green with envy at YOUR beauty, confidence and control of the situation.

How does it make you feel, excited or scared?

Did you rub yourself as you watched the video? Did you have an orgasm as you imagined yourself walking down the street, totally naked?

If not, go back and replay the video, masturbating until you do.


Now, on the other hand, do you think you are ready to go out and do exactly what you saw her do, right now?

If you think you are, then I want you to immediately put on a short sundress and head to the cleaners. Take it off and give it to them for cleaning, then go for a long walk along a public street. If you can do this RIGHT NOW then you have passed the final exam and don’t need to continue any further with these lessons.

If not, then continue and we’ll go on with your assignments for this week.


I didn’t think you’d be able to do it. Not yet anyway. It's far too early in your training.

But this is what we are working towards and believe me you WILL be walking naked through the streets before you are done with the last lesson.

Now, there will be a few changes to the rules this week. Go ahead and masturbate for me as I explain them.

As before, you will stay naked except for high heels when at home alone.

However, from now on there will be no running to your room when someone comes home.

From now on you will act like a slut, albeit a discreet one for the time being. You may not head to your room to get dressed until another person comes home, enters and and you hear the door behind them. Only then, you may WALK to your room, head held high like a sexy proud slave, and get dressed.

Give me an edge as you imagine what it will be like the first time you get caught by your roommate, then your may continue.


When you are in your room at home, you will be naked at all times whether or not someone else is home. You may close the door, but it must not be locked.

Think about how it will feel, knowing that someone could walk right in and catch you naked at any time.

Give me another edge, then continue.


When you travel between your room and the bathroom, you will AT MAXIMUM wear a towel or a T-shirt/robe that covers you no further down than the crease at the bottom of your butt cheeks.

Edge for me as you imagine the feel of the cool air on your barely covered pussy, and the feel of your roommates eyes as they stare at you in lust and envy.


From now on you may not operate the curtains or blinds on any window for any reason.

If the curtains are open, you may avoid that window but you may not close them for any reason.

If you open curtains by mistake when you are dressed, then they will stay open until someone else closes them.

If you close curtains by mistake, you will IMMEDIATELY stand in front of the window and open them as far as they will go.

Do you think you can do it? Can you resist the unconscious urge to open or close the curtains?

Imagine what will happen when you accidentally close the curtains so that the neighbours don't see, then having to stand right in front of the window and open the curtains wide to give them the show that they've been missing.

Edge for me, then continue.


You will also continue to attend fitness and toning classes at least five times a week.

We will modify your workout clothes slightly, though. Watch the following video (first 6 minutes and 30 seconds), edging for me as many times as you can as you imagine that you are one of the girls in the video.


Don’t worry, you won’t be working out naked!

Not yet at least.

However, from now on when you go to your classes, you will be wearing only high-cut, two-piece workout sets exactly like you see on the blonde (center) with the pink top or the brunette (left) with the purple top.

If you need to buy a new outfit, then head to a fitness store and do it today.

In addition, you must always use the locker room at the gym to change, stripping completely naked in front of your locker before putting on your workout gear.

After your workout, you must strip completely naked in front of your locker before heading to the shower. You may CARRY your towel at your side, but may not use it to cover up at any time.

Similarly, you must use group showers if possible. If only stall-type showers are available then you must leave the door or curtain fully open.

I think that’s enough for now. To recap the main points:

1. Naked at home when alone. You may only go to cover up once someone has come into your home and closed the door.

2. Naked in your room at all times, with door unlocked, even if someone else is home. You may wear only a towel or short t-shirt to go to and from the bathroom.

3. No operating the curtains or window blinds for any reason.

4. New workout gear, and you must use the locker room and showers at gym.

Now, at some point your room-mates and perhaps some people at the gym are going to notice your dress (or state of undress as the case may be), and ask questions. When this happens, I want you to have an open conversation with them about your adventures into exhibitionism.

You DO NOT need to talk about “slut training” or developing your sexiness. You DO need to tell them that you enjoy the feeling of being naked, and the comfort and body image confidence that it gives you.

You MUST have had this conversation with your room-mates, and feel comfortable being naked in front of them for extended periods of time before you continue to lesson four.

OK, that's it for Lesson Three. One last video for you as you imagine what you will be doing in only a few short weeks.

Cum as many times as you'd like as you watch this one!

Have fun, everyone! See you back here soon I hope, but remember you should not go on to Lesson Four until you have followed all instructions EXACTLY and you have had the "nudity" discussion with your roommates.

Exhibitionism Training - Lesson 1 & 2

Sluts exist only to please men. They get off on the humiliation of being forced to strip and service as many men as possible.

My sluts are different. They exist only for MY pleasure and entertainment. They tease and use their bodies to tease men mercilessly for making ME happy. My sluts are the ultimate in self-confidence and power. 

So which do you want to be, a common slut or MY owned slut?

Do you prefer imagining yourself as men’s plaything, getting used and covered in cum as they grunted and filled your holes?

Or is it the thought of being in total submission that makes you wet? The thought of obeying every command and to submit to my every whim?

If it's being a common slut that turned you on, then please leave. There are plenty of other websites to help you get yourself off on your own humiliation.

If, on the other hand, you are truly a submissive, then we will continue. However, before we continue you must commit yourself to my training, and agree to follow every instruction without question (don't worry, we'll start slowly!).

Make your decision, then continue if you are ready.


I am so glad that you decided to continue. You seem like a sexy sub material to me, too. A little shy now, perhaps, but you definitely have potential.

The first thing we will need to start working on is your comfort with your body. This is a big problem for most women, which is why so many are sluts. They are constantly seeking the approval of men, and are willing to do anything – and I mean ANYTHING – to get it.

Now, are you sure you are willing to do ABSOLUTELY everything I tell you? It's the only way to mold yourself into a true submissive. But I need you to be sure before you continue. Say it out loud.


Lesson two will be getting comfortable with your body. The only way to do that is to get comfortable with your own skin, by wearing your skin, and your skin ONLY as much as possible.

Strip for me now. Slowly. Take off everything you are wearing. If you are not clean-shaven, I want you to go immediately to the bath and shave or wax off all of the hair on your legs and pussy, until you are smooth and silky.

Then come back and stand in front of the computer so that I can have a good look at you.


Great so far. Just one thing is missing. Go and find your sexiest high-high heels, 2" or higher and preferably ones that have laces or straps to hold them on.


My god, you are beautiful. Go look at yourself in a mirror, a full-length hall mirror if you have one. Run your hands all over your body and imagine the power that you will have on men just by the thought of seeing you.

Let your hand fall to your pussy and rub yourself as you realize that you made the first step in becoming my slut and imagine becoming my sexy slut over and over in your mind.


OK, so lesson two is to get you comfortable with being naked whenever you are in private. Here’s how we are going to do it.

FIRST, the outfit you are wearing now is your new outfit for home. Whenever you are home alone, you will strip completely naked and put on your high heels. You will do this the second you come in the door, and within arm’s reach of the door handle. Don’t go running to your bedroom to take off your street clothes. You can carry them like a goddess once they are off. You may not put on any other clothing until you are ready to go out, or until your family or room-mates come home (if you have any). It goes without saying that you will also sleep completely naked.

SECOND, the outfit you are wearing now is all you will wear whenever you use the toilet. Whenever you have to go, whether at home, work, out shopping or wherever, you will enter the stall and strip completely naked (except for your heels, of course) before you use the facilities, and not get redressed until you are done.

THIRD, from now on you are forbidden to wear a bra, panties or any sort of underwear. The feeling of being “free” will be a constant reminder that you are aspiring to be my sexy slut. In order to facilitate point number two, you will begin wearing only skirts or dresses, preferably the wrap-around type that can be removed easily. Sort through your existing wardrobe to see what you’ve got.

FINALLY, this week you are to sign up at a gym, YWCA or community centre, and enroll in fitness and toning classes. You will attend classes faithfully at least five times each week until your body is in finest sexy form. For fitness class only, you may choose to wear a sports bra or halter, but if you do so then you may not wear anything else up top.

That’s it. Follow this routine for at least a full week before you come back.


1. Naked at all times when you are home alone

2. You must strip naked before using the toilet

3. No underwear of any kind, and wear skirts or dresses.

4. Sign up at a gym, it's time to work on a killer body!

In the next lesson we will begin getting you comfortable with others seeing you naked. We’ll be starting slowly, so no need to wory. However, others will indeed be seeing you naked in appropriate situations so make sure that you are comfortable with the idea before you return.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now accepting slaves for online servitude.
Send an email to with
- at least one recent photo of you (showing your face or being naked is not a requirement, but it is a plus)
- tell me what you think is important about you (what makes you special, different than anybody else)
- what do like about bdsm? (what is your motivation, what do you look to get out of it)
- i want you to at least try to comply the  basic requirements

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Daily Challenge Day 19 - Life is Short, Play Naked

For this Challenge, all you really need is some privacy and your lovely skin... Enjoy!

A challenge for a private day: a day when you don't have to answer to the powers that be, a day that you can enjoy privately.

Your challenge, if you can make it happen... is to spend as much of the day as you possibly can completely nude.

Obviously you don't wish to flash your neighbors (unless you know they like to be flashed).

It's not going to be about sex (or all about sex)... but explore what it's like to live without the restrictions of clothing.

Hopefully you can do this for at least an hour... but as much of the day as you can.